Top professions in demand in Australia

Finance workers, teachers and construction workers are just some of the employees that could find themselves much in demand in Australia this financial year, a new study reveals.

According to the recently released Quarterly Report for July to September 2016 from recruitment expert Hays, all these professions are included on their latest list of 25 hiring hotspots.

The report reveals that the new financial year and new budgets have brought with them a general sense of candidate confidence since permanent and temporary hiring intentions in Australia are positive.

“There has been an increase in job creation in many industries in response to market positivity, with particularly high levels of recruitment activity in the professional services sector,” says Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand. “New financial year budgets, business change projects and higher workloads are also fuelling vacancy activity.”

Deligiannis continues: “In fact, 40 per cent of employers say they intend to increase permanent headcount in the year ahead, while 21 per cent say their use of temporary and contract resources will rise. Meanwhile 60 per cent say skill shortages will impact the effective operation of their business or department,” he said.

According to the Hays Quarterly Report candidates are up-skilling to keep up with technological developments.

They are also looking for work-life balance and job satisfaction. “Employers’ requirements have become more demanding, but salaries are not increasing accordingly,” explains Deligiannis. “As a result some candidates are instead negotiating workplace conditions and flexibility around working hours.”

The Hays Quarterly Report names the following industries as being particular hotspots of hiring activity over the coming months:

  1. Accountancy and finance
  2. Architecture
  3. Banking
  4. Construction
  5. Contact centres
  6. Education
  7. Energy
  8. Engineering
  9. Facilities management
  10. Healthcare
  11. Human resources
  12. Information technology
  13. Insurance
  14. Legal
  15. Life sciences
  16. Logistics
  17. Manufacturing and operations
  18. Marketing
  19. Office support
  20. Policy and strategy
  21. Procurement
  22. Property
  23. Retail
  24. Sales
  25. Trades and Labour.

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