UAE introduces new family sponsorship rules

New family sponsorship rules for United Arab Emirates expats came into effect on yesterday, meaning family members will be able to join the principal resident in the UAE.

The new family sponsorship rules mean that any UAE resident, male or female, can sponsor family members (spouse, under-18 sons and unmarried daughters), provided he/she earns a monthly salary of Dh4,000 or at least Dh3,000 plus accommodation provided by the company.

Previously, it was a resident’s profession which deemed whether their family could join them in the UAE rather than their income.

“The decision of the UAE Cabinet to consider the income of foreign workers that apply to bring their family members to the country, rather than their profession, will improve the family lives and social ties of private sector workers,” said Nasser bin Thani Juma Al Hamli, UAE Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

He also stressed that the move will “increase productivity” in the labour market, “support the national economy, and improve the performance of workers within a comprehensive environment that will integrate the entire community”.

The sponsor must provide proof of appropriate housing and health insurance for their families, as well as their registration in the national population database. They must also apply for IDs for every family member.

The sponsor must also present a certified marriage certificate and their children’s birth certificates translated into Arabic, as well as proof of their monthly income.

A wife wishing to sponsor their children must attach a certified written agreement from her husband. Widowed and divorced women can also sponsor their children, but they must present a recently issued divorce or death certificate to prove custody.

The UAE currently hosts residents from over 200 nationalities.

Article published 15th July 2019