UK rules out points-based EU immigration

British Prime Minister Theresa May has ruled out the UK introducing a points-based immigration system in a bid to control Immigration post Brexit.

However, it is believed that the PM could be considering a work permit system whereby the majority of EU migrants would need to have a job offer before entering the UK. Under this system, EU citizens would not be allowed to enter the UK to look for work.

Prime Minister May believes that a points-based system would be unlikely to work. Speaking at the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China over the weekend, the PM all but ruled out such a system being adopted. “What the British people voted for on the 23rd of June was to bring some control into the movement of people from the European Union to the UK,” she said. “A points-based system does not give you that control.”

The PM explained that a points-based system would automatically allow anyone who meets the points threshold entry to the UK – regardless of whether then can speak English or not. She said this would be particularly problematic where overseas students were concerned.

“That’s the problem with a points-based system,” the PM said. “What the British people want to see is an element of control. There are various ways in which you can do that.”

As yet, there have been no full details regarding how a work permit system would work, but reports suggest that Downing Street will look into the options over the coming days.

Article published 6th September 2016