US immigration reform would be good for the economy

More than 100 economists in America have signed a letter proclaiming that immigration reform would be good the United States’ economy.

US Economy

US Economy

The economists, all of whom are of a Conservative political persuasion, signed a letter written by the American Action Forum which urges the Senate and House of Representatives to pass the recently proposed sweeping immigration reform.

“We believe a reformed and efficient immigration system can promote economic growth and ease the challenge of reforming unsustainable federal health and retirement programmes,” the letter states. “We urge lawmakers to pass “a broad-based immigration reform bill.

An earlier study from the American Action Forum found that immigration reform would reduce the deficit by $2.5 trillion over the next ten years.

However, critics to immigration reform still argue that changing the immigration system to allow more immigrants to enter the country would be detrimental to the economy as the new arrivals would require even more government services.

Earlier this week the new immigration reform, proposed by a gang of eight bipartisan Senators in April, passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee by a margin of 13 votes to five. The bill now faces a full debate on the Senate floor and, providing it is passed will then move on to the House of Representatives which many experts believe will be the biggest challenge facing the bill’s chances of one day becoming law.