US immigration system ‘shouldn’t restrict highly skilled workers’

President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, and political advisor, has stated that any new immigration laws should not restrict highly skilled workers.

In a keynote speech on Tuesday, Ivanka Trump said that the government’s policies should be revised to allow highly skilled and educated non-citizens to live and work in the US.

Speaking at the CES in Las Vegas, Ivanka Trump said that while a new policy would not displace the investment that needs to be made in marginalised, unskilled Americans, she acknowledged that the US could learn from skilled immigration systems like those used in neighbouring Canada.

Overhauling the immigration policy would also help the US grow and innovate, Ivanka Trump said.

She also suggested that President Trump is open to such a system. “The President says he thinks it’s absolutely insane that we educate immigrants from around the world and just when they’re about to start companies, we throw them out of the country,” she explained. “We need to reach over the sidelines, draw them into our workforce.”

The President’s daughter cited figures that reveal there are 500,000 unfilled jobs in the US manufacturing sector and over 7 million unfilled jobs total across the country because companies can’t find workers with the right skills.

Article published 9th January 2019