US voters back immigration plans: poll

A new poll suggests that the majority of Americans back recent immigration proposals, supported by President Trump, that would significantly cut annual immigrant intake.

A new Morning Consult/Politico Poll reveals than US voters largely support the Cotton-Perdue Immigration Bill, in spite of the fact it was heavily criticised when announced last week.

The poll shows that 60 per cent of those surveyed were in favour of establishing a ‘points-based immigration system that would award points based on criteria such as education, English proficiency and prospective salary in the US. In fact, 62 per cent of respondents stated that English language proficiency should be a factor in determining who should be allowed to immigrate legally.

What’s more, even the controversial proposals to strongly reduce the number of refugees offered permanent residency each year found support, with 58 per cent saying that they agree with this measure.

Support for some of the other provisions in the bill isn’t as strong but still exceeds opposition. For example, 48 percent of voters supported calls to reduce the number of legal immigrants by half over the next decade, compared to 39 per cent who were opposed. Forty-five per cent support the idea of ending the ability of US citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their extended family members for green cards, while 39 percent oppose ending that.

There was, of course, a clear difference in opinion dependant on a respondents’ own political persuasion. For example, 73 per cent of those who identified as being a Republican voter supported reducing the number of legal immigrants, compared to 57 percent of Democrats who opposed it.

Article published 11th August 2017