Victoria amends skilled occupations list

The Victorian government has removed a number of occupations listed on its State Nomination Occupation List to reflect changing labour market demand within the state.

Through the Skilled-Nominated permanent subclass, it is possible for applicants to be nominated for immigration by a state or territory government, providing they meet the basic requirements, intend to settle in the state that has nominated them, and have skills in an occupation included on that state’s skills list. Quite often, occupations that appear on a state government’s in demand list differ from those included on the Federal Skilled Occupations List.

Earlier this month it was revealed that the following occupations will no longer qualify for nomination in Victoria:

– Engineering Manager;

– Ship’s Engineer;

– Automotive Electrician;

– Motor Mechanic (General);

– Panelbeater; and

– Vehicle Painter.

It has also been announced that the requirement for statisticians to have science experience has been removed.

Visa nomination applications will be assessed against these changes from Monday 26 October

To view Victoria’s current State Nomination Occupation List, click here.