Visa Bureau to host all-encompassing migration seminars

Visa Bureau are hosting a series of seminars at Australia House in London, designed to help applicants make their dream move to Australia a reality.

The company’s Australian Migration Seminars are among the most professional and comprehensive visa information events in the UK, delivering expert advice on all aspects of migration to Australia.

Designed to give you a broad overview of some of the key decisions you will face when planning a move to Australia, the Visa Bureau Migration Seminars are ideal for providing up-to-date migration information, news and advice.

What can you expect from the Australian Migration Seminar?

– A Registered Australian Migration Agent will discuss at length your visa options, the application process and recent changes to the Australian migration program.

– The South Australian Government are supporting the company’s Migration Seminar and will be discussing State Sponsorship opportunities, the benefits and opportunities available to new migrants in their State, and wine tasting.

– You’ll be able to collect information on the Australian healthcare system, schooling, universities and real estate. A number of financial providers will be able to advise on securing mortgages, transferring your money to Australia and setting up bank accounts for your arrival.

– VETASSESS, Australia’s leading skills assessing body, will provide advice about the processing requirements for Australian skills assessments.

– You’ll be able to discuss current employment opportunities, salary expectations and tips on applying for your dream job in Australia. There will be job posts available at the Visa Bureau event and industry experts advising on a variety of sectors; teaching, construction, finance, technology, engineering and more!

– What’s more, industry partners, all of which are leading experts in their field, will be on hand to offer professional advice and support with:

Securing an Australian Job;

Opening an Australian Bank Account;

Getting the best exchange rate for money transfers to Australia;

Transferring your UK pension to Australia;

Shipping your household goods to Australia;

Shipping your pets to Australia;

Australian Migration Insurance;

Australian Health Insurance; and

Passing the English exam.

How can I attend the Australian Migration Seminar at Australia House?

– Complete the free online visa assessment.

Email confirming the guest name in your assessment and number of tickets you require.

Pay for tickets via the PayPal link which you’ll receive.

Please note that numbers are restricted for this event, and tickets are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. Visa Bureau keep their event numbers small to ensure you have the best experience and don’t queue for hours to speak with exhibitors. Advance tickets only.

Tickets are £15 per person or £25 per couple. Please note, this is not a child-friendly venue and we politely request that you make childcare arrangements.

What is included in the ticket price?

Access to the largest Australian Migration event in the UK, hosted in the exquisite Australia House.

FREE visa consultations with experienced Migration Agent Darren Chatt.

An exclusive chance to meet the South Australian Government department.

Discuss your skill assessment needs with the expert providers VETASSESS.

Take part in South Australian wine tasting and tourism services.

Special discounts on visa and relocation services.

Open an Australian Bank Account on the day.

Speak with financial planners and receive tax and pension advice.

Arrange a free home survey for shipping your goods to Australia.

The next event takes place on Saturday 7th September at 11:00.

Article published 13th June 2019