Australian government to review immigration occupations list

Australia’s Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, has hinted that the Government will cut the list of occupations for which temporary skilled migrant work visas are available.

Speaking to Australia’s Sky News at the weekend, the Minister said that the country’s Skilled Occupations List — which currently includes more than 650 occupations — is currently being reviewed.

“I think the list at the moment is expansive and I think we’ll condense it and that work has already been underway for some time and we’ll have a look at that very soon,” Dutton said.

However, the Minister did point out that temporary overseas workers are essential for Australian employers – especially those based outside of the country’s largest cities. “It is very hard to get people in regional areas,” he noted.

According to the latest Immigration Department, cooks were the most popular profession applied for by primary visa holders (6,770) followed by those wanting to fill cafe/restaurant manager positions (4,870).

Marketing specialists (3,460), chefs (2,780) and developer programmers (2,700), rounded out the top five most nominated occupations for primary visa holders.

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Article published 20th November 2016