Brexit agreement will protect expats in EU and UK

An agreement has been made in the ongoing Brexit talks, which pave the way for more discussion on the future EU-UK relationship.

Significantly, the agreement, which was reached following overnight talks, will set the minds of many British expats living in the EU, and EU citizens living in the UK, at ease.

During a press conference held early this morning, British Prime Minister Theresa May stated that the agreement would guarantee that the rights of three million EU citizens in the UK would be “enshrined in UK law and enforced by British courts”.

The rights of UK citizens living in the EU will also remain the same and the administration procedure for those concerned will be “cheap and simple”, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker stated.

“We can now start looking towards the future – a future in which the UK will be a close ally - the EC President added.

Prime Minister May said the latest Brexit deal was a “significant improvement” which had required give and take on both sides.

She said that it included a financial settlement which was “fair to the British taxpayer” and a guarantee that there will be “a hard border” between Northern Ireland and the Republic, preserving the “constitutional and economic integrity of the United Kingdom.”

Article published 8th December 2017