Brexit prompts more Brits to stay in UK

New research has revealed that just over a third of Brits will opt for staycations over foreign travel in 2019 as a result of the uncertainty caused by Brexit.

According to research by VoucherCodes, 36 per cent of Brits will look to stay in the UK rather than travel abroad this year.

The findings have discovered that almost half (47 per cent) of Brits believe Brexit will make trips abroad more difficult for British travellers and the majority (56 per cent) think holidays will become more expensive.

Indeed, the average couple expects to spend almost £1,000 to holiday abroad this year, compared to just £574.10 if they were to do a staycation in the UK. As a result, two out of five of those surveyed (40 per cent) plan to take multiple domestic trips in 2019.

The research found that Millennials are particularly concerned about the impact Brexit will have on their future lifestyle. Forty-three per cent of Millennials believe that Brexit will impact their decisions in 2019 – with 25 per cent stating they will be cutting down on holidays and just over 1 in 10 stating it will postpone them buying a property.

Moreover, a third (35 per cent) of Millennials worry that Brexit could lead to unemployment. A quarter of those surveyed said they plan to study for a new qualification over the next 12 months.

Article published 10th January 2019