Change to Canadian PGWP criteria

Applicants for Post-Graduation Work Permits (PGWP) will now be allowed to leave and re-enter Canada while they’re waiting for their visa to be processed.

Previously, international student graduates had to remain in the country while their application for a PGWP was processed.

International student graduates must apply for their PGWP before their study permit expires in order to be allowed to work full time for a period of up to three years. It can take upwards of 90 days for a Post-Graduation Work Permit application to be processed.

In order to work in Canada, PGWP applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

– Hold a valid study permit at the time of making the PGWP application.

– Have completed their study program and obtained a degree, diploma or certificate.

– Be a full-time student enrolled at a designated learning institution in a post-secondary, vocational or professional training program of at least six months in duration.

– Not work more than 20 hours per week during their study program.

If the federal government refuses the application for a work permit, the graduate must then stop working as soon as he or she is informed by the immigration ministry.

Work experience gained through a Post-Graduation Work Permit can greatly facilitate a graduate’s path to Canadian permanent residence through the Express Entry system.

Article published 24th February 2020