Finland population growth driven by immigration

A noticeable increase in net immigration levels in Finland helped the country’s population grow by almost 24,000 people last year.

According to recently released figures from Statistics Finland, net immigration now accounts for 70 per cent of the country’s population growth, with just over 30,000 immigrants arriving to live in the country last year – almost a quarter of these were returning Finnish citizens.

Meanwhile, slightly more than 13,000 people moved abroad from the country in 2013. Seven out of 10 were Finnish nationals.

The figures show that 14,442 of the people who moved to Finland last year had previously resided in a European Union member country prior to emigrating, while 3,347 emigrated from another Nordic country.

Meanwhile, births outnumbered deaths by almost 7,000 bringing the nation’s population to 5.45 million by year’s end.