German language proposals cause controversy

A German political party has drafted a controversial proposal stating that immigrants living in the country should speak German at all times if they want to remain in the country, including when they are at home.

It has been widely reported that leading figures within the Christian Social Union (CSU), which is a key ally of Germany’s ruling Christian Democrat Party and part of the country’s coalition government, has been working on a draft policy paper over the weekend which is due to be approved today.

In the paper, the party will state that: “People who want to remain here on a permanent basis should be obliged to speak German in public and within the family.”

Recently released global immigration figures reveal that Germany has the second highest immigration levels in the world, behind the United States.

The CSU proposal is said to be based around concerns within the party that the recent rise in immigrants will lead to traditional supporters of the party favouring instead the Alternative for Germany (AfD), a new right wing party which preaches a far tougher line on immigration.

However, the CSU’s suggestions have been slammed by the other parties which make up the coalition government. Yasmin Fahimi, general secretary of the Social Democrats, said that the proposal “would be hilarious if it weren’t so dangerous,” stating that it had “chilling historical echoes.”

Meanwhile, Peter Tauber, the Christian Democrats general secretary, tweeted “It’s not politicians’ business if I speak Latin, Klingon or Hessian at home,”

Despite the criticism, CSU general secretary Andreas Scheuer said the party would stand by its motion, calling it “well prepared and widely backed.”

Article published 8th December 2014