Gulf countries recognise UK investment potential

The UK is considered to be one of the world’s best overseas property destinations by investors in Gulf countries.

A report carried out by Select property on investors from within the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC), found that 77 per cent of investors in the region believed that British real estate is among the strongest international property investments they can make.

Investors surveyed in Bahrain responded most positively when asked about British property, followed by those in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Eighty-six per cent of investors in Bahrain believed the UK offered good property investment potential for buyers, while 79 per cent in Saudi Arabia and UAE felt likewise.

The USA, Turkey and the UAE were the only countries deemed to offer higher property investment potential than the UK by Gulf-based investors.

“It’s encouraging to see that its [UK property’s] appeal remains high among GCC buyers – and the strengths of UK property are particularly important in times when other assets experience volatility,” said Adam Price, Managing Director of Select Property Group. “While many global stock markets, oil markets and, of course, domestic property markets have fluctuated in recent years, UK property continues to be a symbol of stability and security.”

Along with Bahrain, UAE and Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait are the other three countries that make up the GCC.

Article published 28th June 2018