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The selections of Expressions of Interest (EOIs) through New Zealand’s Parent Category for 2014 are scheduled to take place in February, May, August and November 2014.

The number of places available in each selection draw depends on the number of places available under the New Zealand Residence Programme. Between July 2011 and June 2014, there are 14,850 to 16,500 places allocated for the Capped Family stream (which includes the Parent Category).
In previous selection draws for the Parent Category, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has selected all Tier 1 EOIs from each draw.

However due to the global demand for Parent Category Residence and the number of applications received from previous EOI draws, INZ will not be selecting all Tier 1 EOIs from each draw in 2014.
Current forecasts suggest that approximately 800 Tier 1 EOIs will be selected in each draw. This is subject to Ministerial approval in setting the NZ residence programme.

Those EOI’s not selected in one draw will remain in the pool available for selection for further draws. Fees paid for admission to the pool are administration fees only and are not refundable should an EOI not be selected.

You can find out more about New Zealand’s Family visa options, along with those in other categories, by visiting:

Article publishing 10th January 2014

New Zealnd Parents

New Zealnd Parents