More NZ immigrants settling in regions

New figures show that the New Zealand government’s attempts to encourage more immigrants to settle outside of Auckland are starting to pay off.

Last year, the government revealed that it would tipple the points awarded to immigrants who choose to live and work outside of NZ’s largest city, on the condition they stay there for at least a year. More points are now also awarded to those intending to set up businesses outside the city as well.

And Official figures show that, in the first five months of this year there has been a 45 per cent increase in the number of skilled workers being approved for residence visas outside Auckland.

What’s more, the number of business people applying for visas to set up companies in the regions has also gone up, from five to 62.

Immigration New Zealand area manager Michael Carley said feedback on the new policy had been very positive. However, he added, “but Immigration New Zealand and the government will continue to review and monitor the impact and effectiveness of the policy to ensure regions get the help they need.”

Article by David Fuller