New Zealand aims to improve international student wellbeing

Funding of NZ$750,000 will be targeted at projects aimed at supporting the wellbeing of international students in New Zealand.

The funding aims to improve the support and experience of international students in the country.

“I want every international student who comes to New Zealand to study to feel welcome, safe and supported so they get the most out of their stay and feel valued for the contribution they make to New Zealand,” said Education Minister Chris Hipkins.

“During my recent trip to China, pastoral care of international students was one of the main points of conversation,” he explained. “Students and families want to know that not only will they get a world class education if they choose New Zealand, but they’ll be well taken care of.

“International students are from diverse cultures, living away from their families, communities and social networks. Often, it is also their first trip overseas, so they can be vulnerable.

“I encourage groups and organisations that work with international students to support their safety and mental health to come forward with proposals,” the Minister added.

Applications are open until 24the August and successful projects will be announced in November.

Hipkins revealed that the successful proposals will be selected by international education leaders representing students, community representatives, education providers and government officials and the projects will begin in January next year.

This is the second funding round under the International Student Wellbeing Strategy.

Article published 31st July 2018