New Zealand named world’s top tourist destination

New Zealand has been voted the top country for tourists in the 2014 Telegraph Travel Awards, for the third year in a row.

Almost 90,000 people responded to the survey, making it the biggest survey of its kind. New Zealand headed off the Maldives and South Africa to win the “favourite country” category, having also won the category in 2012 and 2013.

“Tourism forms a significant part of our economy and this award is a great credit to Tourism New Zealand and the work they do,” said NZ’s Prime Minister John Key, who also acts as their Tourism Minister.

“We believe one of the real strengths of the tourism experience in New Zealand is that it lives up to the hype. Too often people go to a destination where ultimately it is never as good as the brochure, whereas in New Zealand we think people come and get an experience that is better than the brochure.”

The Prime Minister also noted that tourism is a significant part of New Zealand’s economy, and is one of the country’s major employers.

“The Government recognises this, and that’s why we have invested an unprecedented NZ$600 million in tourism and tourism promotion since 2008.

“That investment is getting results. Some 2.8 million people visited New Zealand during the last year, spending over NZ$7 billion. Tourism directly employs 4.7 per cent of the New Zealand workforce and indirectly employs another 3.6 per cent.”

Article published 12th December 2014