NZ releases job outlook report

New Zealand’s Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister, Steven Joyce, yesterday released the 2016 Occupation Outlook report which shows job prospects continue to be very good in highly skilled, fast growing industries such as high-tech manufacturing and ICT.

“Software developers, ICT systems and business analysts, for example, are in high demand reflecting New Zealand’s growing technology software and services sector,” Mr Joyce said.

The fourth annual Occupation Outlook report contains all the information needed to help job seekers and students make good study and career decisions.

“The report and app bring together the latest information in an easy-to-use overview of job demand, likely income levels, and training requirements for different career pathways. This year we’ve also expanded the number of occupations from 50 to 60,” Joyce continued.

“The growth in Auckland, the ongoing Canterbury rebuild and other regional building activity means that there is steady work in the construction and infrastructure trades, with carpenters, joiners, project managers and architects all benefiting from increasing demand for their skills.

“We are still short of engineers in New Zealand. Job prospects are extremely good for civil, geotechnical and structural engineers, particularly in Auckland and Christchurch where large roading and infrastructure projects and building activity are fuelling demand,” he added.

The Occupation Outlook report is published by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and draws on a wide range of information including:

– Actual employment trends and other key statistics compiled by MBIE and Statistics New Zealand

– Expertise from Careers NZ, tertiary institutions, industry associations, industry training organisations, licence and registration boards, and other industry stakeholders

– Qualification completions and graduate income information from the Ministry of Education.

“The Occupation Outlook provides current and relevant labour market information that is crucial in helping guide decisions for students and job seekers. It arms them with the information they need to carefully consider what career path they want to choose and what training they need to do to get there,” added the Minister.