NZ net migration level almost at 65,000 a year

Recently released figures show that net-migration to New Zealand hit record levels for the 17th consecutive month in December.

The figures show that in the year to 31st December, New Zealand recorded net migration of approximately 64,900 – the highest ever recorded. During 2015, New Zealand had 121,900 migrant arrivals and 57,000 migrant departures.

For the first time in decades, the number of people crossing Tasman from Australia to New Zealand outgrew the numbers going the other way.

What’s more, according to Cameron Bagrie, chief economist at ANZ Bank, migration levels are likely to remain high through 2016. “With NZ [economically] looking better than most around the globe and still set to outshine Australia, we expect migration to remain strong,” he said.

Not including Australia, Britain is the third largest source of NZ-bound migrants, with 13,400 Brits moving to the country on a long-term basis last year. Only China and India can boast higher numbers, although a large proportion of migrants from these countries arrive on student visas.

A chance to student visa rules which allow students to work part time while they study has prompted a significant upturn in the number of foreign students choosing to study in NZ.