Saskatchewan looking to increase overseas student numbers

The Saskatchewan government has revealed that it is looking to welcome more overseas students to the province, while sending more domestic students overseas to gain more life experience.


Saskatchewan is aiming to become a popular location for overseas student

The province’s Advanced Education Minister, Kevin Doherty, yesterday announced the launch of the province’s International Education Strategy, stating: “We want our young people to acquire the skills they need to work in a global context and strengthen our province’s cultural business expertise worldwide. This will help to build relationships with our trading partners, to increase investments and partnerships to keep our provincial economy strong.  For the students that return to their home countries, they will become excellent ambassadors of our province.”

In addition to increasing global engagement by increasing the number of Saskatchewan students studying abroad by 50 per cent, from 900 to 1,400; the province will also look to increase the number of international students studying in Saskatchewan by 75 per cent from 3,500 to 6,200.

In partnership with the Ministry of Economy and Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership, the Sask government will look to develop a provincial marketing strategy to brand Saskatchewan internationally and encourage more international students to study in the province.

“These programmes will establish new international opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in Saskatchewan priority markets,” Doherty said.  “This strategy will strengthen Saskatchewan’s connection to the world and develop new partnerships to help build our province’s innovation future.”

Article published 24th November 2014