The five best cheap travel search apps rated

If your heading off for a fact-finding trip ahead of a possible permanent move or property purchase, and want to visit a number of different areas, then getting the best deal on flights to your selected destinations can be a headache.

Saving money when traveling is an art that usually requires time and certain skills. Booking flights and searching for the best airfare can be exhausting; layovers, luggage policies, airport transfers and schedules… It‘s a lot to take in.

However, in this modern age there’s a huge variety of apps available to make the process as smooth as possible. Most of these apps claim to offer the lowest possible fare on flight tickets, but some of them are able to provide discounts or an incredibly user-friendly interface.

Smart Lemur, a travel planning website, took a look into some of these apps and have chosen five of the most functional and bank-account-friendly ones.


Skyscanner is a popular platform that allows to search for either the cheapest location at a certain time or for the best time to visit your dream location. The search engine allows to adjust the preferences and filter them, which gives a comprehensive and easy to compare overview of the flights available.


Formerly known as Skypicker, enables you to combine different airlines and offers information on airport transfers. If booking via their website, also guarantees to cover the expenses in case the flight is delayed, cancelled or the schedule is changed. Therefore, it will suit travellers who want to be sure about their plans. Recently, introduced a Nomad function for people living the trendy digital wanderer lifestyle. Knowing the length of traveling period and person’s availability, it will automatically create the cheapest itinerary possible.


Momondo offers an outstandingly user-friendly app with unique visuals for each destination. Quick and easily understandable interface will suit those who want to book their flights in a moment. Moreover, it’s one of the leading apps price-wise too, most often providing travellers with the most economic options for their trips.


An app for spontaneous and flexible travellers, Fareness encourages users to fly when it’s cheap. It offers a filtering destination by type option and gives suggestions with regards to the best possible options. It is a new player in the market, constantly updating the functions and offering more and more exciting features.


Hipmunk is all about giving the opportunity for the traveller to compare different options of flights using a well-designed dashboard. Price, departure time, take off, landing times, the number of layovers and even the Wi-Fi availability can be added in the filters to generate quick and specific results.

Article published 10th September 2018