UK economic forecast could net currency exchangers thousands

An announcement made by the International Monetary Fund yesterday that the UK’s economic growth for the rest of this year is set to outstrip all other major advanced economies will have potentially been good news for those looking to emigrate in the near future.

The strong economic forecast, following stronger than expected manufacturing figures from January, has led to the Pound strengthening against many major currencies in the past 24 hours – meaning that those who exchanged their pounds for dollars or euros yesterday will have received significantly more than they would have a day earlier.

UK economic forecast bullish

Take the Pound-US Dollar exchange rate. On 9th April, £1 would have bought you US$1.66416.Yesterday you would have received US$1.67446. Put another way, on an exchange of £150,000 – say from the proceeds of your UK house sale – this is the difference of having an extra US$1,545 to spend in your new home country. What a difference a day makes!

It was a similar scenario for those looking to exchange euros. A rate of £1 was worth 1.2008 euros on Wednesday but had increased to 1.213135 euros yesterday – or a difference of 1,850 euros on an exchange of £150,000.

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