Brexit prompts surge in wantaway Brits

Google data shows that searches regarding Brits looking to emigrate have grown substantially in the wake of Friday’s announcement than Britain is set to leave the EU.

According to Google trends data, a number of search terms saw huge spikes in use on the search engine in the hours after the Brexit fears of nearly half the British population were confirmed.

The official Google Trends Twitter account noted a massive spike in the number of people searching for “Getting an Irish passport”, while those searching for more information in living in many other countries, including France, Canada and Australia also rose substantially.

There was even reported to be a 680% spike in searches for “Move to Gibraltar” in the London area.

This website had hundreds of our free guides downloaded over the weekend and others also watching the money transfer pages to see what happens to the pound.

Disgruntled Brits also flocked to Twitter to ask other users what they could do to move away from the UK – especially as it seems their route to a new life in another EU country may soon be taken away from them.

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Article by David Fuller