Canada property prices edge up slightly

The national average Canadian house prices rose slightly last month, having declined in the previous two months, yet many major cities are still experiencing declining house values, new figures show.

According to the recently released Teranet House Price Index, property prices nationwide rose 0.2 per cent in January (4.7 over the year), with the cities of Toronto, Calgary, Hamilton, Edmonton and Vancouver leading the way in terms of annual house price growth.

However, on a month-by-month basis home prices have started to trend downwards in several major Canadian cities, including Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary and Hamilton. This trend is particularly surprising in the cities of Calgary and Hamilton, as on an annual basis these two cities are behind only Toronto in terms of price growth.

The Teranet report showed prices rose in January from December by 1.2 per cent in Vancouver, 0.9 per cent in Victoria, 0.6 per cent in Toronto, 0.5 per cent in Halifax and 0.3 per cent in Edmonton.

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