Czech Republic best country for working abroad

Prague city skyline and Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

Bahrain may have topped the recently announced 2017 Expat Insider survey for best overall expat destination, but the Czech Republic leads the way when it comes to best countries for working abroad

The Czech Republic, which was ranked in 9th in 2016, dethrones Luxembourg, which now ranks 4th. Three-quarters of respondents in the Czech Republic are satisfied with their job, and job security in particular seems to have improved since 2016. The survey revealed that 74 per cent of expat workers feel secure in their jobs, compared to 65 per cent last year.

“My working conditions are excellent here. My employer offers me a lot of benefits,” an Australian expat living in the Czech Republic told the survey.

Overall, the best countries for working abroad have undergone quite some changes since 2016. In fact, only six destinations remain among the 2017 top 10. In addition to Czech Republic and Luxembourg, those that remain from last year include New Zealand in second, Malta (5th), Germany (7th), and Norway (8th).

The Netherlands was one of the survey’s big winner, jumping from 20th to 6th position. The country has especially improved in terms of work-life balance, as 75 per cent now rate this factor positively, compared to 63 per cent in the previous year.

On the other hand, Taiwan (12th), Panama (30th), Austria (19th), and Australia (32nd) have suffered great losses, no longer ranking among the top 10 destinations for working abroad.

Survey respondents in Australia point out that the “ignorance regarding qualifications and experience” as well as the “closed job market” are big issues. In fact, only about half the expats in Australia (54 per cent) are satisfied with their job in Down Under, compared to nearly seven in ten (68 per cent) in 2016.

Article published 11th September 2017