EU student numbers fall

Fewer EU students are applying to study at UK Universities due to Brexit.

The latest UCAS figures show that the number of EU applicants is down by 2 per cent (or 860 application) on last year’s figures, to 43,030.

This is despite the government attempting to assure EU students about their studies by guaranteeing those starting in September will have access to the same tuition fee loans and financial support as UK students.

However, the figures show that the number of applications from overseas students outside of the EU has risen substantially.

The latest UCAS data shows that the number of non-EU students applying to a UK university rose by 14.7 per cent. A majority of these applications comes from China, India and Hong Kong.

For the first time, as of January, there have been more applicants from China than from Wales (18,430) and from Northern Ireland (17,400).

UCAS chief executive Clare Marchant says that the figures prove UK institutions have a “global appeal”.

She said: “The global appeal of studying at our world-class universities and colleges is once again proved by record application numbers from international students.”

Article published 7th February 2020