Overseas student numbers at US high schools slows

The number of foreign students studying in US high schools is starting to slow after years of growth.

According to figures released recently by the Institute of International Education in Washington, the number of foreign nationals studying in American high schools dropped by 1 per cent last year to 82,000. However, this is still three times the amount that had been studying in US schools back in 2004.

“The numbers have been growing at slower rates each year recently, but there’s still definitely interest and growth in international students coming to earn a high school diploma in the US,” said Christine Farrugia, author of the study.

China is the main source country for overseas high school students, with 42 per cent of all international high school children hailing from there. South Korea, Germany, Vietnam, Spain and Mexico are the five next most popular source countries.

Farrugia believes that many international students chose to study in American high schools in order to stand more chance of being accepted into a US college or university.

“They’re coming to get that experience, to get that admissions advantage,” she said. “They’re getting immersed in US culture.”

Foreign students make up only half a percent of the more than 15 million high school students in the US, and they’re required to cover their own costs.

California is the top destination for international high school students, with 12,200 last year, followed by New York, Texas, Florida and Massachusetts.

Article published 10th August 2017