Prince Edward Island reopens immigration office

Newcomers in Prince Edward Island will soon have access to citizenship, immigration and settlement services with the reopening of an office in Charlottetown.

As a result of the Atlantic Growth Strategy, the province is attracting more immigrants and new Canadians.  Over the last three years, the province has seen the number of new immigrants close to double in numbers. What’s more, close to 400 PEI residents have become new citizens in the last two years.

“Islanders deserve the best possible services and that’s why we are reopening our office in Charlottetown,” said Ahmed Hussen. “This will provide newcomers with quick and easy access to services they need to succeed and save them both time and money.”

The office’s employees will work on permanent residency, settlement services and citizenship testing. They will also be able to provide services to more remote and rural locations with roving capabilities.

“The reopening of the office will allow PEI residents to receive crucial services right here in Charlottetown without having to bear the cost and time associated with traveling off Island,” explained Sean Casey, an MP for Charlottetown.

In addition, the new office will allow Prince Edward Island to support and build closer relationships with local employers and educational institutions looking to attract top talent and new skills to Canada, creating economic growth and more middle-class jobs for Canadians.

The previous Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship office in Prince Edward Island closed in 2012.

Article published 7th March 2019