Quebec extends visa application window

The application period during which immigrant investors interested in living in Quebec can submit their visa application has been extended by a month.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has recently announced that the application submission period for the Quebec Investor Programme (QIP) will now run from 19th January 2015 until 20th March 2015.

During this time a total of 1,750 files will be accepted for assessment, with a maximum of 1,200 applications being accepted by applicants from any single country.

To be eligible to apply through the QIP, an applicant must have, alone or with his accompanying spouse, a net asset worth of at least CDN$1.6 million, and must secure a signed agreement to invest CDN$800,000 with a financial intermediary authorised to participate in the Investor Programme. Additionally, the applicant must have acquired a minimum of two years’ management experience in the past five years in a company with a minimum of two full-time employees.

The applicant will also need to signify their intention to reside in Quebec for a significant period of time.

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Article published 30th December 2014