UK construction workers taking advantage of NZ recruitment drive

More than 800 British construction professionals have already applied to live and work in New Zealand through a newly launched scheme.

The LookSee Build NZ campaign is hoping to fill some of the more than 56,000 staff shortages the country’s construction sector is currently facing, including 2,200 high-end specialist positions.

Recruitment spokesman and construction consultant Aaron Muir said that his team is delighted at the level of professional interest in the early stages of the recruitment drive.

“New Zealand is open for business because we need and want the best the UK construction sector can offer,” said Muir. “We’ve got the support of the New Zealand government, which is introducing a special KiwiBuild fast track visa scheme, and we’re partnering with Immigration NZ to make the whole process as smooth and as seamless as possible.”

New Zealand’s new prime minister Jacinda Ardern recently announced a NZ$2 billion KiwiBuild housing programme for the building of 10,000 homes a year for 10 years and a range of new infrastructure projects. This is in addition to the pre-existing NZ$125 billion of infrastructure works currently taking place in New Zealand.

Article published 14th November 2017