Younger Brits keen to emigrate

Around two-thirds of Brits aged under the age of 40 would consider emigrating, a new survey shows.

The survey, carried out by financial adviser deVere Group, reveals that 65 per cent of Brits under the age of 40 either answered “seriously considering”, “thinking about” or “would be tempted to” when asked on their thoughts of moving abroad.

Only one in five would not consider leaving Britain at all.

The top five most popular destinations were New York, Sydney, Cape Town, Dubai and Hong Kong – all of which are English-speaking cities which boast booming international business hubs.

“The individuals we polled in this survey are all of working age and the vast majority told us that the primary driver for relocation would be to further their careers for the enhanced lifestyle opportunities that higher salaries would afford them,” explained Nigel Green, the CEO of deVere Group.

“With this in mind, it is logical that these dynamic, English-speaking, economically-robust international business hubs famed for their high earning potential would prove to be the most popular.”

Green also said that many of the respondents shared common reasons for wanting to leave the UK.

“So-called ‘push factors’ in the UK, including high taxes and living costs, crime levels and a poor climate, were also highlighted by the majority of those who indicated they are considering quitting Britain,” he said.