Currency woes are good news for Turkey-bound tourists

A weak Pound has seen the UK become an increasingly attractive destination for foreign holidaymakers this year, but it’s not the only country where a weak currency is helping to boost tourism.

In August, the Turkish lira reached its record low and is only slowly starting to show signs of unstable recovery.  The Turkish lira has lost approximately 40 per cent of its value over the past 12 months, which has led to the country becoming far more affordable to foreigners.New one pound British sterling coin.

As a result, tourism businesses and travel websites have observed growing interest in Turkey.

“We see an increase in shares of our Turkey travel tips, and we believe this is related to people wanting to save money while having an unforgettable vacation,” said Linda Greenberg, CMO of Smart Lemur travel website. “We see Turkey as a travel destination that has a lot to offer, and now it’s more accessible than ever.”

According to Smart Lemur, there are plenty of reasons to visit Turkey:

  1. Due to the aforementioned currency exchange rates, It’s more affordable than ever. Tourists visiting Turkey now and in the near future will most likely save a lot of money, compared to what they would have spent a year ago.
  2. Some of the best beaches in Europe are on Turkish coasts. Turkey is a frequent destination for recreational tourism and people searching for affordable resorts to stay at. Scenic views and crystal-clear water can be found on both Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts of Turkey.
  3. Ancient history. First inhabitants of what is now Turkey moved into the region in approximately the 6th century BC, and Turkey is still full of objects and locations that remind of the country’s manifold past.
  4. Unique nature to explore. The full beauty of Turkey’s nature can only be uncovered by visiting several locations and discovering the diversity of country’s landscape. To explore Turkey in its entirety, tourists shouldn’t skip turquoise Manavgat waterfalls or Cappadocia valley.
  5. Food. Turkish cuisine, rich and sophisticated, is still underrated. Fresh local ingredients (fruits, vegetables and dairy), the mixture of different cultures and ages of culinary mastery enriched Turkey’s gastronomic culture with such dishes like pilav, manti and different styles of couscous plates. Mezes (small appetizer plates) offer a variety of healthy vegetable and fish dishes – eggplant prepared in many different ways, humus, vegetables in tomato sauce and yogurt, marinated sardines, and much more.
  6. Urban culture and arts. Istanbul is often a dream-destinations for many urban enthusiasts. Even though it is a cosmopolitan city with ages worth of illustrious history and architecture inherited from the times of Constantinople and Byzantium, travellers visiting Istanbul can explore a vibrant contemporary Turkish culture, music and art scene.

If all this makes a late summer getaway to Turkey seem like a good idea, then don’t forget to visit Halo Financials’ website to ensure you get the best deal on your currency exchange and have even more money to spend when you get there.

Article published 23rd August 2018