Oz private college seeks international students

A private college in Australia is focussing solely on attracting international students to study a range of business and IT related courses.

Western Senior Secondary College, based in Melbourne’s Central Business District, offers courses to overseas students as young as 16, offering them the chance to work towards achieving a Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning – a vocational alternative to the more commonly issued Victorian Certificate of Education.

“It’s an exciting time to actually recognise that Australia needs well-educated vocational people, not just university people,” said the college’s Chief executive and principal, David Warner.

Although the college offers places to children of (Australian) high school age, it is registered as a non-school senior secondary provider. Council of International Students Australia national president Thomson Ch’ng says that overseas students often decide to move to Australia during their final years of high school so they could become accustomed to a new culture.

“It allows them to prepare early for their tertiary education… get adapted to the culture, people and most importantly the education system.”

The courses cost AUS$15,000 and Dr Warner says that the college offers “very solid” homestay and guardianship programmes.

To find out more about the college, and the courses offered, visit:http://www.wsscollege.com.au/